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Office Location: Davis Street Building Room 146 D

Telephone: 419-434-4471



B.S., Jadavpur University

M.Pharm, Jadavpur University

Ph.D., Auburn University


​Academic Credentials:

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy, Arburn University
Master of Pharmacy, Jadavpur University
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Jadavpur University

Dr. Basu joined the University of Findlay, College of Pharmacy in 2006 following completion of Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Auburn University, AL in the same year.  He also possesses previous teaching experience in pharmacy colleges in India.  Currently, he is teaching at the UF College of Pharmacy from its inception (it was School of Pharmacy then).  Dr. Basu has been teaching physical pharmacy, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics in the professional pharmacy program.  In addition, he has often taught pharmacy skills laboratory in the past.  

Dr. Basu maintains an active research interest in analytical/bio-analytical chemistry, drug stability, drug delivery and cancer.  Dr. Basu's laboratory uses high-pressure liquid chromatography with various detectors as the main analytical tool.  He has been investigating drug stability and beyond-use-date of drug formulations for actual clinical situations.  Dr. Basu is also investigating the stability of naturally occurring molecule curcumin (the yellow color of Indian curry) and its effect on human cells.  His most current area of interest is use and formulation of novel molecules for potential cancer treatment.

Dr. Basu is actively involved with the broader community at large and in the local level.  Dr. Basu has helped to start a journal in his area of expertise titled "Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacology".  Three editions (nine issues of the journal has been published from 2014 before it was discontinued for ;ack of commercial success. Dr. Basu is also helping to shape the contour of pharmacy education in the country through his involvement in American Council of Pharmacy Education (ACPE).  He regularly serves as a member in ACPE site visit team that contributes to the accreditation decision of professional pharmacy schools.  Recently, the local Van Buren school district has launched a strategic planning exercise for the entire school district.  Dr. Basuhad been a part of this effort as a voluntary member of the advisory group.  He was specifically involved in the development of curricular goals of the school district for next ten years as a member of the curriculum committee.  ​​

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